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About us

Contact Us

Sanofi-Aventis Ireland Limited

18 Riverwalk
Citywest Business Campus
Dublin 24

Tel : + 353 (0)1 403 5600

Content :

Transparency in our interactions

June 27, 2016


Why is transparency important?

Collaboration between industry, healthcare professionals and healthcare organisations is a vital need in enabling the development and effective use of new medicines and shaping the future of research. Bringing greater transparency to these, already well-regulated and legitimate relationships aims to build greater understanding of industry, healthcare professionals and healthcare organisations collaboration.

What is Sanofi’s commitment in regards to transparency?

We believe that transparency reflects on credibility and engenders confidence in our company, and we are committed to complying with all applicable rules and regulations governing transparency.

By the 1st of July 2016, and as a member company of EFPIA, Sanofi is disclosing details of its collaborations with health professionals and healthcare organisations across Europe. The disclosures include transfers of value (payments which can be direct, indirect or in kind) made for activities such as research and educational grants to healthcare organisations as well as transfers of value to individual HCPs such as sponsorship to attend educational meetings, speaker fees, consultancy activities and advisory boards.

As an Irish affiliate, under both our obligations with the EFPIA Disclosure Code and the Irish Pharmaceutical Healthcare Association (IPHA) Code of Practice, we are listing the transfers of value made to healthcare organisations and healthcare professionals for 2015 on the IPHA Transfers of Value site.

By the 1 July 2016, all transfers of value made by Sanofi to healthcare professionals will be available on the IPHA Transfers of Value site. In order to comply with data protection legislation, the transfers of value made to individual healthcare professional will only be disclosed if they have provided their consent. Transfers of value made to healthcare professionals who have not consented will be placed in an aggregated pool.

Why are we working with healthcare professionals and healthcare organisations?

Healthcare professionals and organisations with whom we work provide us with valuable, independent and expert knowledge derived from their clinical and disease management experience. This expertise contributes significantly to our efforts to improve the quality of patient care, with benefits for individuals and society at large.

Our annual breakdown of transfers of value to patient associations will continue to be posted on the Sanofi website and the data for 2015 is now available.


Date: June 2016 – Job Code: SAIE.ENO.16.06.0087