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About us

Contact Us

Sanofi-Aventis Ireland Limited

18 Riverwalk
Citywest Business Campus
Dublin 24

Tel : + 353 (0)1 403 5600

Content :

Sanofi in Ireland

Sanofi is present in Ireland through the promotion of its products by the company’s own medical representatives.

The local distribution of Sanofi products is ensured by the Uniphar Group.

Scientifically supported by a regional medical and marketing staff based in Dublin, Sanofi provides patients and healthcare professionals in Ireland with efficient and effective therapeutic responses to diseases in our key therapy areas.

To find out about our products please visit the Health Products Regulatory Authority website here

Our Commitment To Health

Sanofi Ireland Ltd. is not only committed to providing the most efficient and reliable medicines to patients, but also to improving their quality of life. Sanofi involvement in health matters extends beyond our product portfolio into communities across the country.

Through partnerships with humanitarian associations, professional bodies, patient groups and scientific societies, we work actively to save lives and promote health by financial donation, gifts in kind, sponsorship, and supporting our staff in humanitarian activities. We also put our specialist expertise at the disposal of some of the world's most vulnerable populations.

As a natural extension of our commitment to healthcare, we have a strong policy of social responsibility. Although centred on protecting Sanofi employees and their families, this also involves playing an active role in supporting or developing humanitarian initiatives throughout the world.

We also give our time, skill and enthusiasm as individuals – many of our employees raise funds for health-related causes on a voluntary basis and are involved in improving healthcare infrastructures and to educate in the prevention of disease.

Updated November 13, 2017

Module :

Corporate information

Corporate information